Mount Pleasant Residential Community

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City of Brampton
Overview of project

Project Size:

The Mount Pleasant Residential Community is approximately 2100 acres comprised of approximately 16,000 low to medium density residential units.

Services Provided:

Urbantech was retained to provide developer group engineering services for the entire 2100 acres and individual developer detail design engineering services for approximately 1600 acres.

Project Highlights:

The Mount Pleasant Community was developed with an Environment First approach and Transit Oriented Development (T.O.D).  The Mount Pleasant GO Station was a key component to delivering at T.O.D community.  Approximately 360 acres of Natural Heritage System was created which included over 8 kilometers of red side dace contributing habitat natural channel design, this was at the time the largest watercourse realignment approved in southern Ontario.

On-line Regional stormwater management control was approved and provided within 4 kilometers of the watercourse realignment and natural channel design, this enabled a reduction in size of the tableland stormwater management ponds.

Working closely with the Region of Peel to provide engineering input to the advancement of 7.0 kilometers of trunk wastewater sewer and watermain.

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