Urbantech is different than other consulting firms. Our partners are deeply invested and intimately involved in all projects, from start to finish.

Meet The Team

Lots of engineers disguise themselves as cool folks.

But eventually, they reveal their true colors, and you realize that they are a bit straight-laced and nerdy.

And then there is the team at Urbantech.

They are actually really cool people, disguised as engineers.
Urbantech’s energetic team consists of more than 30 really cool people who contribute to the project management, administration, municipal design and construction administration departments within the firm.

Click on the pictures below to read more about our dynamic management team.

Dave is the founding partner of Urbantech with over 25 years in the Land Development Industry.  His natural leadership has guided the Urbantech ship through smooth and stormy waters, but never does he assume it’s easy sailing.  Dave is responsible for business development, operations and fiscal reporting.  His expertise helps us meet challenging projects with a clear objective and thorough understanding of future obstacles. Dave likes to spend his free time with his young kids on his boat, listening to rock ‘n roll and singing loudly.


Dragan’s 20+ years of experience in Land Development Design helps him lead the Urbantech Design Team  with detailed precision in Municipal Infrastructure, Storm Water Management and Environmental Impact.  Dragan prefers to spend his days working hard but when forced to take a break he enjoys well ironed shirts and travelling the world.


Walker, as this Dave is known around the Urbantech halls, was educated as a Geological Technician.  With over 15 years experience in the Construction Industry his vast knowledge of all details of Land Development Construction allow Dave to oversee multiple projects and manage a dedicated team.  Dave enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, fishing and a cold beer.


Jeff is the managing associate of the Design Department at Urbantech.  He manages all design related projects with a skilled team of 15 individuals.  Jeff’s hands on approach lets clients always be in the loop, knowing how their projects are progressing and forecasting any challenges. Jeff spends his spare time entertaining his young daughter, playing soccer with his friends and trying to stay on his wife's good side, since she works in Law Enforcement.


Vlad is a graduate of the Belgrade Civil Technical School and has been working in the GTA  for over 20 years on CAD related projects.  Vlad works closely co-ordinating his CAD team and the entire Design Department.  His expertise is critical in our production of seamless drawings.  Vlad enjoys spending time with his young children, pondering life’s philosophical questions and relishing the natural beauty the world offers.


Dave is the Associate Construction Manager in the Construction department.   He co-ordiantes closely with Walker and the Design Department to make sure projects are completed according to plan.  Dave manages multiple constructions sites from earthworks operations to final assumption.  When not working or spending time with his young family, Dave likes to play baseball and watch SciFi movies. He has yet to show up for work dressed at Captain Kirk, but we are hopeful.


After graduating in 2005 Andrew went to work for the competition.  He soon realized his mistake and joined Urbantech in 2008.  His extensive background in Storm Water Management includes the design and evaluation of open channels, storm servicing, SWM facilities and configurations.  His environmentally sensitive approach allows our clients to meet their needs while being sensitive to the natural habitat of many endangered species.  Andrew enjoys playing bass guitar with his band, practicing his fencing postures and chasing after his girlfriend on her motorcycle.







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